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Whole House Fan

A Whole house fan is a great way to bring in fresh air into your home without having to rely on running your air conditioning system. Thus, saving you money. Imagine a fan that can continuously suck up all of the stale air from inside your home and replace it with fresh air from the outside. That is exactly what a whole house fan can do for your home. By turning on the fan and opening a few windows in your home, you will continuously draw in the fresh air from outside and push all of the stale air into the attic and out through your attic vents. Our experts can help size and recommend which type of system will best suit your needs and budget.

Centralized System

This type of whole house fan system is located somewhere that is centrally located in your home such as a hallway or common area. This system will allow you to pull air evenly from any open window.

Zoned Approach


This type of whole house fan system consists of two or three smaller fans placed throughout the house in order to focus more on certain areas of the home. This approach can be more costly but may suit your lifestyle more effectively.

Hybrid Approach

​ This type of whole house fan system usually consists of two fans and is the best of both worlds. One fan that is large enough to cover the entire square footage of your home. The smaller secondary fan is usually installed in a master bedroom. This will allow you to shut the master bedroom door and still be able to use your fan to gently bring in fresh air from outside.

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