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Skylight Replacement

Skylights are an excellent way to brighten up a dark space in your home. Most homeowners do not think about upgrading or replacing their skylights until it becomes an issue. Whether you are trying to replace a leaking skylight or are looking for a fresh new look and feel to your home, SoCal Home Upgrades has you covered. Our team will find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

​                                             Acrylic Skylights


  • Acrylic skylights are the most common type of skylight used in residential and commercial applications. Acrylic skylights are the budget friendly option when it comes to replacing your existing skylight.

  • Acrylic skylight come in three color choices including White Frosted, Tinted and Clear

Fixed Flat Glass


  • Flat glass skylights have become more popular over the years as an upgraded option for your home. Flat glass skylights are typically constructed with two layers of glass, which makes it more resilient to the elements over a longer period of time. Argon gas filled and sealed in between the two layers of glass to provide a true dual pane system. This system is closely related to a dual pane energy efficient window. 

  • Flat glass come in three color choices which include White Frosted, Tinted and Clear.

Operable Skylights


  • Regardless of which type of skylight you currently have, upgrading to an operable skylight will allow the interior of your home to ventilate air. Hot air rises. Since your skylight is located on the roof, this is a great way to draw in fresh air from your windows and allow the hot, stuffy and stale air to escape.

Operable Shades


  • Adding shades to your flat glass skylight is a popular option. It will allows you to control the amount of light that comes into the space and will help block out more heat on those hot summer days. 

  • Operable shades come in light filtering or black out options.

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