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Attic Ventilation

It is common for your attic to reach extreme temperatures during the spring and summer months. Keeping your attic temperatures as close to ambient as possible will allow your air conditioning to work more efficiently keeping your home more comfortable when you need it the most. Because attics come in different sizes and features, every home has different needs when it comes to attic ventilation. Roof color and material also plays a very important role in how much heat is transferred to your attic space. Meeting with one of our experts will provide you with all the knowledge you need to keep your attic temperatures down.

No Ventilation 


Some attics lack ventilation of any kind, i.e., no passive or active ventilation. This type of attic space is very susceptible to retaining all the heat that builds up throughout the day and will continue to heat up your home well into the night. This type of attic space is also against current building codes. The only attic spaces that are acceptable without any ventilation are “conditioned” attics or homes that are in high fire zones. Conditioned attic spaces are not common in southern California. Conditioned attic spaces are often found where there are extreme temperature changes such as desert or mountainous regions.

Passive Ventilation

Passive ventilation is the most common type of ventilation that is found on residential homes. Passive ventilation refers to multiple waterproofed openings that are spread out across the roof space. This provides the attic with minimal relief when the attic heats up. This is a step up from an attic that has no ventilation.

Active Ventilation

Active attic ventilation is considered the best option to keep your attic temperatures lower than the previously discussed options. Active ventilation is achieved by a fan that pulls in fresh air into the attic space and removing the hot air.

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